St. Paul Mayor-Elect Carter’s department leaders will be chosen by 10 panels

Saint Paul STRONG
November 28, 2017

We are very excited to hear Mayor-Elect Melvin Carter's plan for having an open and transparent public process to inform his hiring of city department leadership.

“It is ambitious, but it is the way we should go about doing public hiring,” said incoming Deputy Mayor Jaime Tincher on Monday. “When we think about the people who will be leading major parts of the administration, it’s important we get a broad cross-section of people who are interested in applying for those jobs. Being able to really hear the feedback about the different qualities that these people bring, that’s all going to be really helpful and important information for Mayor-Elect Carter.”

And this from Emily Weber:
“This open, transparent process marks a significant break from the insider decision-making process that too often formed transition processes in past decades. This approach to hiring will ensure that a diverse, community-centered group of voices lead in the selection of these crucial positions to guide the future of St. Paul.”

Applicants, as well as community leaders who wish to serve on the hiring panels, can email Toni Newborn, the city’s Diversity and Consulting Services Manager, at

Information about each position will be available online as of 9 a.m. Tuesday at

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