Dave Durenberger Letter to the Editor

The Villager

Published February 3, 2016

Saint Paul STRONG

The call for a strong St. Paul

I was delighted to see your coverage of the recent forum hosted by St. Paul STRONG (Villager, January 20).  I was also pleased to turn the page and see the editorial cartoon that highlighted the importance of citizen involvement and the need for our elected leaders to facilitate that involvement.  That’s really what St. Paul STRONG is all about. 

As a retired U.S. Senator, I know first-hand the “muddy affair”, as your cartoonist dubbed it, that politics can become.  A democracy works best when its citizens are engaged and informed.  Unfortunately, recent decisions by the city of St. Paul have lacked sufficient public process and limited the ability of the public to be involved.

When we moved back to Minnesota, my wife and I specifically chose to live in St. Paul because we believe it is a destination city.  I joined the steering committee of St. Paul STRONG because this is my home and I want to work with my neighbors and our elected leaders to make it the most vibrant city it can be—for our fellow St. Paulites, for us and our children, grandchildren and their grandchildren.

I will continue to be involved with the process of governing, and I hope others will take up the call for a strong St. Paul.

Dave Durenberger

Summit Hill