Sen. David Durenberger Endorses Saint Paul Strong!

October 13, 2015

Former U.S. Sen. David Durenberger Tuesday endorsed Saint Paul Strong's fight to bring Open, Transparent and Accountable city government to St. Paul.

"Anyone who wants to live in a great neighborhood community in the heart of the 15th-largest metropolitan area in America will come to St. Paul," said the former Republican senator.

Durenberger has lived in St. Paul for the past 16 years but says he has been troubled by the city's low voter turnouts in recent elections (just 14 percent of eligible voters went to the polls in 2013 and 2011), and believes the city's decision-making process has become increasingly closed, making it harder for citizens to participate fully in the process and dampening the interest in voting.

"I love it here, but I am puzzled by how it’s possible for a city as small as this, with neighborhoods as active as ours, to have such low voter participation in local elections," Durenberger said. "We know how exceptionally capable as neighbors we really are," he continued. "But after watching the city, and the school district at work, I’ve come to believe we voters just can’t get to know our elected representatives and I doubt those elected officials know us and our potential to help them do their jobs.

"So I’ve decided to join in the request to make Saint Paul Strong, by asking all candidates to pledge to do just that."

Saint Paul Strong welcomes Sen. Durenberger's support!

Saint Paul Strong is a nonpartisan community-led effort to increase the voice of the voters in city decision-making. The group was launched October 7. Since then, more than 3,000 people have visited the group's Facebook Page -- Saint Paul Strong -- and almost 700 people have "Liked" the page. Saint Paul Strong continues its effort to get candidates for City Council and School Board to embrace and endorse six basic principles of democratic government and to enhance the public's voice!

The election is Nov. 3.