The Six Principles of Saint Paul STRONG are:

SAFETY: We pledge to make public safety our top priority, maintaining efficient and effective first responder systems and enhancing citizen/community relationships with police, fire, and other city departments. 

TRUST: We will work to make sure full and informed citizen participation comes before decisions are made —not after—and put the interests of all the people, including the affected communities and the intended beneficiaries, ahead of personal or partisan interests.

RESPONSIBLE: We believe city officials must be accountable to all citizens—including persons of color, seniors, persons with disabilities, low-income residents, immigrants, and refugees—and that they must be fully engaged to the public, not parties, and must respond to citizen concerns in a timely and nonpartisan fashion. 

OPEN: We will break down the barriers that exclude citizen participation and bring decision-making back into the public arena where it belongs; ensuring taxpayers are fully informed and have an opportunity to participate meaningfully in decision making. 

NEIGHBORHOODS: We pledge to strengthen community voices and to work—across ward boundaries— to foster stronger neighborhoods with equal right and access to the resources and amenities of our city.

GENERATIONS: Understanding that our city was built by generations of people who loved it as we do, we pledge to build a stronger, safer, and more beautiful city for the generations that will come after us.

St. Paul STRONG is a nonpartisan, community-led organization dedicated to improving open and representative government in Saint Paul by encouraging and supporting open and transparent public processes at City Hall, engaging and empowering resident participation, and building a stronger, more inclusive Saint Paul.

Steering Committee members include Rick Cardenas, Andy Dawkins, David Durenberger, Shirley Erstad, Don Gemberling, Laura Goodman, Samakab Hussein, Roy Magnuson, John Mannillo, Yusef Mgeni, Tony Parrish, PaChoua Vang, John Vaughn, and Linda Winsor.

Saint Paul STRONG does not take positions on issues. We support inclusive, transparent, and accountable public process. The following are examples of when there was not sufficient public process for local decision making in Saint Paul. While individual members of Saint Paul STRONG have diverse opinions and take personal positions on local issues, Saint Paul STRONG only advocates for good public process.